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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Join us for a look back on the 2014 OLC Conference!

Please join us throughout the Spring 2015 semester as we revisit some of the webinars you may have missed during our campus-wide, virtual attendance to the 20th Annual International Conference in Online Learning, which was held in October 2014. Here is the schedule as well as a description of each event.

Assessing the Impact of E-Text, Flipped Classroom, and iPad Usage 
by Kerrie McDaniel & Thomas Patterson, Western Kentucky University 
Wednesday, January 28, 4-5PM, Aquinas 252   

Abstract: This quantitative study examines the impact of new technological and pedagogical changes on perceptions of student engagement in an introductory biology lab.  

The Art of Online Community: Moving Beyond the Discussion Forum 
by Steven Goss and Robin Hummel, Bank Street College of Education 
Wednesday, February 25, 4-5PM, Aquinas 252  

Abstract: A study of online communities to strengthen the understanding of effective engagement by developing instructional strategies to transform discursive dialogue to generative discourse.

Assessing Group Collaboration Processes in Online Courses  
by Antoinette Bruciati, Sacred Heart University 
Tuesday, March 31, 4-5PM, Aquinas 252  

Abstract: A grading rubric for assessing learning and performance among collaborative groups of students is presented. Five foundational components needed for effective collaboration are discussed. 

What Faculty Need to Know About Teaching Online  

by Karen Swan, U.of Illinois Springfield, Laurie Dringus, Nova Southeastern University, Jennifer Richardson, Purdue University, and Phylise Banner, Union Graduate College 
Thursday, April 30, 4-5PM, Aquinas 252  

Abstract: Authors of a unique, online faculty development program will share things faculty should know about pedagogy, design, teaching, technology tools and supporting students studying online.

We hope to see you at one (or all!) of these webinars!

For questions, please contact Kayla Gori at 845-569-3457 or kayla.gori@msmc.edu.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Leverage Technology to Streamline Course Development

Online Learning Consortium Conference
October 29, 1:30 PM - 2:05 PM

Session Title: "Leverage Technology to Streamline Course Development"

Presenters: Betsy Dahlgren and Brenda Weiss-Pesta, Atomic Learning
Theme: Technology and Emerging Learning Environments

Mount Saint Mary College currently has a subscription to Atomic Learning, a video support and tutorial company that provides a variety of resources for faculty, staff, and students geared towards various technology applications and topics.  

All MSMC users have access to the Atomic Learning resources (Accessible via this link: https://secure2.atomiclearning.com/sso/cas/msmc )

Many of these resources can be viewed separately or integrated into your classes for your student's use.  For example, Atomic Learning offers a training set for Avoiding Plagiarism, consisting of 11 videos 3 minutes long or shorter.

A newer feature of Atomic Learning is Skills assessments.  This allows you to pre-assess yourself or your students to determine your needs or the needs of your classroom.  A list of currently available and upcoming assessments is available here: http://blogs.atomiclearning.com/highed/?q=skills-assessment

Atomic learning offers a wide variety of support videos including those geared towards out Learning Management System Moodle, Microsoft applications, and more.

Blog by Corri Nicoletti

Designing Competency-Based Self-Paced Online Workshops for Introducing Faculty to Online Teaching Technologies

Online Learning Consortium Conference
October 29, 12:00-12:35

Session Title: "Designing Competency-Based Self-Paced Online Workshops for Introducing Faculty to Online Teaching Technologies"

Presenter: Jason Rhode, Northern Illinois University
Theme: Faculty Development

Northern Illinois University is currently implementing a innovating faculty development initiative offering introductory technology training via self-paced workshops as a component of a comprehensive online teaching certification.

NIU has a "pretty diverse" faculty body who teach 100-150 course sections per semester. Use of the learning management system (Blackboard) has a 96% student usage rate and a 92% faculty usage rate. Most instructors, both full time and part time, have a lot of experience teaching online; however, the college has recognized the need for more technology training as part of their faculty training initiatives.

The college started with "Online Teaching 101", a 6-week online learning experience for NIU faculty. However, the 6-week format proved to be too long for most faculty to be able to participate. They repackaged it to a 1-day workshop that took a pedagogical, pragmatic look at online teaching, but still, did not provide much exposure to the technology behind online learning.

As a result, NIU came up with a self-paced 3-step approach to potential online teaching certification process that focuses on pedagogy and technology. In addition to this initiative, they have archived over 110 online workshops on topics related to online teaching and technology integration.

Step 1 of NIU's new initiative is for faculty to take a "Readiness Self-Assessment," so that the instructional designers can tailor their support to the faculty's experience and their needs. Among other things, faculty describe their experience with different learning management systems and technology.

Next, the online teaching and learning support staff facilitate a 3-hour Intro to Blackboard workshop in the face-to-face format. It is offered once a month in a lab setting.

The rest of the training is 100% self-paced. Doing this accommodates a full spectrum of previous faculty experiences. It also makes the training scalable, flexible, and mobile.

What are your thoughts on a mix of face-to-face and self-paced training for preparation for online teaching and learning management system use?

Blog by Kayla Gori

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Announcing the OLC Streaming Conference! October 29-31

As an institutional member of the Online Learning Consortium® (OLC), Mount Saint Mary College will have the opportunity to stream over 30 webinars, workshops, and lectures from the 20th Annual OLC International Conference from October 29 - 31.

Professionals in the field of online learning from across the globe will be discussing topics ranging from faculty professional development and support, student success and learner support, institutional innovations and strategies, and technology and emerging learning environments. In select workshops, we will even be able to participate virtually and interact with the presenters and attendees who are attending the conference in-person at the Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida!

During the event, the Office of Online Learning staff will be updating this blog and our Twitter as we watch and participate in the live streaming sessions. Be sure to subscribe to our blog via email in the upper right-hand corner of this page, and also follow us on Twitter @msmc_online!

Please view the “Upcoming Events” tab for a full schedule and the “RSVP form” tab to sign up for the various streaming workshops, webinars, and lectures that will be streamed on-campus (location TBA).

We hope to see you there!